About ListLibrary

ListLibrary is a Barking Stapler project to provide free, highly-readable public mailing list archiving. If you run a list, we'd be happy to archive it for you.

ListLibrary is only an archive, it does not produce or exercise editorial control over the messages it archives.

Adding a new list

Mail contact+add@ this domain with:

It should just be a few days before a human adds your list.

Importing archives

We can import your old messages and provide the history of your list. Create a tarball/zip of one message per file or Unix mbox files. Mail contact+import@ this domain with a URL for us to download the file -- do not attach the archive to your mail. We cannot accept other formats, and forwarding old messages won't work.

Preventing archiving

You can request that your mails go unarchived by setting one of the following headers in your mail client:

to contain 'no'
to anything
to contain 'yes'

Additionally, messages over 100kb are discarded. They're just too often junk.

Using ListLibrary

On month pages, you can click to the right of thread subjects to see a full list of messages in the thread. Double-click to toggle all of the thread lists.

Thread lists show their subject once at the top and to the right of a message only when someone changes it.

Keyboard shortcuts make reading threads even easier:

Next/previous message
Jump to the message that this one is In Reply To
Next/previous thread
Toggle the quotes in this message or all messages


Mailing list archives are spam-filtered, but we occasionally miss some. We obfuscate all mail addresses to prevent spammers from harvesting them from ListLibrary. If you are a spammer, please die painfully.


Mail contact@ this domain for all other inquiries. A human should get back to you within a day or two at most.