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MUD-Dev covered MUDs and is now defunct and has been succeeded by mud-dev2. The last snapshot is copied below. (In practice, the subject tags described were rarely used.)

About MUD-Dev

The MUD Development mailing list is not platform, language or game specific, but concentrates on discussing the design and implementation of any and all MUD servers and systems. For discussion of what exactly constitutes a MUD, please see the notes from the list owner below. Another large related topic is game design. This does not mean that the details of a specific server or game design point can't be discussed in excruciating detail, or even that server or game source can't be bandied about and picked over, just that the list isn't to become a religious stomping ground for your platform, language, server, or hobby horse of choice. The topic definition is not limited to technical areas: social engineering, cultural considerations, applicability of technical addresses to "soft" problems, and other less rigorous avenues of investigation are also fair game.

The goal is high signal, low noise. Currently MUD-Dev is a hand moderated and hand edited list. Moderation is usually silent. All list messages are under the Creative Commons "Attribution-ShareAlike" license.


There has been considerable debate over the use of the terms, "MMORPG", "MMO*", "MUD", "mud", "MUA", "MUG", "MU*", and others, with various valid arguments forwarded on all sides. Suffice to say that for the purposes of this list they are all considered equivalent. I prefer "MUD" as the generic noun, but I don't enforce that preference.

I'm also not about to attempt a point by point definition of "MUD". I see the definition of MUD being rather like a blob of black ink, recently dropped into a bucket of still water. You can definitely see where the black blob is, but as you move away from there, well, its still inky, but less so. Just where does the ink stop and the water begin (especially seeing as the Ink is a water suspension)? It is moot. It is a multi-dimensional sliding scale. The centre is undoubtedly a MUD. The definition of where the exact centre is is questionable. The definition of whether any point not on the centre is a MUD or not is more or less questionable.


J C Lawrence, MUD-Dev list owner.

List Guidelines

In character MUD-Dev aims to be a collegial fraternity of people active and interested in the field, and as such members are present on the list as individuals, external to any commercial affiliations they may have. Your participation of the list is subject to the following guidelines:

  1. All list messages are accepted under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
  2. All quoted material must be attributed. For materials from other sources than the list, state the author and source. A reply to a post from the list must at least state the name of the original author if your mailer does not automatically prepend one.
  3. New text goes below the quote it refers to. Do NOT put your new text at the top of the message with the entire original message quoted below.
  4. Change the message Subject: heading as the topic under discussion changes. A good format to use is as follows:
              Subject: New subject (was: Old subject)
  5. Use the following Subject: tags to indicate the area of interest of your posts:
    Messages relating to administrative functions of the list. Normally only used by the list owner.
    Messages relating to business operations or concerns.
    Messages disccussing design aspects.
    Jobs wanted and available, or other messages specifically relating to jobs, hiring, and related.
    Announcements, news articles, media reports and commentary, etc.
    Off-topic! (Please keep it short and encourage the thread to migrate to the Meta list.
    Discussion of social structures, social engineering, the social sides of human factors, and other similar soft subjects.
    Messages relating to technology, especially implementation technology.
              Subject: TECH: Distributed server models
              Subject: TECH DGN: Building neural networks for political systems
              Subject: DGN: Balancing Melee vs Ranged Combat in Games Which Model Space
              Subject: OT NEWS: Earthquake. CA falls into sea. Moderator drowned.
              Subject: BIZ DGN: Designing around making money on EBay item auctions
              Subject: NEWS: Beta open for EverUltiFireFurBabyMooCall!
    Note: List members can filter what list mail they receive by the above tags.
  6. Grandstanding, bombast, advertisements, chest puffing, or other forms of self or corporate promotion are not appreciated on the list. The list is an expressly non-commercial and topic-centric venue. It is intended as an intelligent and free discussion by peers in the field, not as a (self-) marketing venue.
  7. Discussion of MUD-Dev itself, moderation policy, activities and discussions which fork from MUD-Dev, and other meta discussions are generally off-topic for the MUD-Dev list. Please use the Meta list for such discussions.
  8. Membership of the list is not a right. You are here as my guests. This is a private list run as a personal contribution to the field. I trust the list's membership to behave accordingly.
  9. Attempting to invalidate or discourage a discussion or avenue of investigation on the list because it strays too close to a commercial project's field or other such interest will be deemed an intentional personal insult. Don't go there.

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