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  1.   Jim Purbrick <jimpurbrick@ya...uk> 07-02 12:41

Jim Purbrick <jimpurbrick@ya...uk>

2008-07-02 12:41:39
Linden Lab is hot on the trail of the very best minds.
We'll be hosting a special event after Develop Online
in Brighton on the evening of July 29th, and it's all
about meeting you.

We'll provide the food, drink and virtual
entertainment; you bring yourself, and a friend. Talk
virtual worlds with key Linden personnel and find out
about the real opportunities in Boston, San Francisco,
Mountain View, Davis, Seattle and Brighton.

If you're interested in becoming a Linden and want to
join us at our Brighton party, please send an email
preferably with your CV to
22123@li...com to join our guest list.

Invitations will be e-mailed to you the week before
the party.

Hope to see you there!




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