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Joanna Robinson <joanna@gn...ca>

2009-02-05 16:04:31
Virtual Interactive Collaborative Environments (Virtual ICE) Workshop

Join us at the Virtual Centre for Digital Media in Second Life, and
explore the possibilities of remote collaboration.

Virtual environments (VEs) are exciting computer-simulated landscapes
that can offer participants (through their online avatars) powerful
workspaces for creative, effective, and remote collaboration. But how
does one begin to collaborate in a VE? This is what we will explore in
four virtual sessions at the Virtual Interactive Collaborative
Environments (Virtual ICE) workshop, a continuing education course held
at the Virtual Centre For Digital Media. Working through collaborative
exercises and games in an innovative cross-platform VE, participants
will develop techniques of remote collaboration as they apply to real
world education, business and more. Virtual ICE will be taught primarily
in Second Life. However, a variety of online tools will also be used.

In the workshop, we will help you:

    * Explore how avatar identity, avatar body modification, and how
    avatars play a key role in virtual collaboration
    * Investigate how groups and virtual communities drive creativity
    and collaboration
    * Discover the collaborative potential of Second Life and other
    * Re-invent yourself and your avatar through a series of group
    virtual experiences
    * Become an immersive participant, rather than a passive audience

Virtual ICE is ideal for educators, group leaders, project managers and
students who are interested in developing innovative and engaging
methods of remote collaboration.

The Virtual ICE workshops will take place every Thursday in three hour
sessions over the course of four consecutive weeks.

Thursdays: February 19, February 26, March 5 and March 12 2009

4pm-7pm PST / SLT

Enrollment is limited, visit this link for more details and registration

Facebook event page here -

Questions welcome at joanna@gn...ca !

- Joanna.


Joanna Robinson
Research Associate & Instructor, Virtual Worlds
Masters of Digital Media Program @ the Centre for Digital Media
Great Northern Way Campus

Second Life: JoannaTrail Blazer


577 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, BC   V5T 1E1 | CANADA

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